Notes from the Director:

Thanks for checking out the site! I guess I'll tell you how I feel about, Eden's Court. Basically, Co-Creating it, writing it and throwing it off a limb and crossing my fingers that it'll fly.

Eden's Court, was a rather selfish endeavor for us Creators. (God forbid, we have the expectation to get paid for something we enjoy doing!) The idea has come close to indivisible, that money and entertainment have to be synonymous in order to create success. The creators of Eden's Court beg to differ. 

Everyone brought to life a humor that often comes in passing. With comedic interchanges similar to, "Arrested Development" and camera agility that makes you think, 'This is seriously one camera? Seriously?'. The intimacy of this Scripted Reality Series brings about the question, "Is truth really that much more interesting?" Eden's Court thinks it is and I think you will too after you watch.

Bon Appetit!
*Oh and if you'd like to see Eden's as a TV series, hit us with a note. We appreciate your support...and your criticism, but more so, your support.-MB

Madilynn A. Beck

Madilynn says she's, "Still trying to swallow the lump of adjustment that LA punched her (me) in the throat with about 2 years ago-". Yet,  she's finally found a little something to make her smile. Beck, a Tisch alum, went from Chicago to New York to Chicago to Los Angeles and still is trying to find her artistic footing. Being a renaissance woman is interesting but not the solitary satisfaction Madilynn craves. "I want to be able to sink my teeth into one thing. And have that one thing be more than enough." She has strong intentions to continue her pursuit of writing and directing.

Ryan Grzelak

Ryan, is certainly the optimist out of the pair. After starting their independent production company, Still-Frame Production, nearly 4 years ago, Ryan still looks forward to each Academy year. "Next year," he'd say. Since graduating from Chicago's Columbia College, When Ryan came moved to Los Angeles his glass was certainly half full. Getting production positions for network shows at NBC and FOX within a month of becoming a Cali resident, isn't too bad in comparison. Ryan's passion for innovation and continuous journey for, 'The next thing,' shows he's in the right profession. His dedication to this project and incredible know-it-all with a budget of $0 is unbelievable.